Entertainment Clients
Ms. Feigen's entertainment law clients from around the country include:

A production company with three projects in the pipeline, one a documentary and two feature films.

A multi-media producer whose work appears interactively and in 3 dimensions.

A reality TV show producer who need Ms. Feigen to draft and review contracts for the services of participants in the show.

A leading actor who asked her to negotiate her deals with a TV-movie production company

A film and TV production company asking her to establish their right to use a desired logo

Book and screenwriter who need her to copyright their works.

A writer/director with a comedic feature script set in the inner city with roles for major, black stars.

An established primetime network television sitcom writer

A rap artist from Louisiana

A number of screenwriters, including one from Augusta, Georgia, one from San Antonio, Texas, one from San Francisco and others from Los Angeles and New York

An independent filmmaker from New York City

A composer from the mid-west who has just been hired to write the score for a film.

A number of book authors, including one reporter from Nigeria who was imprisoned for three years and wrote her memoir based on her experiences in jail; another memoirist whose book details her life as a member of one of the richest and most famous families in the West; another, an ex-con from Texas who was the cook in a maximum security prison and who has written about the last meals he made for death row inmates; another, the author of six book, including one on Alzheimer's Disease and one on independent film-making, as well as the best-seller, You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again; two others who wrote a book about women's friendships, and many more

An art history professor whose important book about a 16th Century artist was used without permission by a British broadcast network, a novelist whose book was published by a major New York house and a playwright whose work was staged off Broadway. For her client, Ms.Feigen negotiated settlements with all of these copyright infringers so that her client received both money damages and credit.