This often necessary evil can be made easier with Ms. Feigen’s negotiating skills, which she uses whenever possible.

All sorts of issues arise when couples contemplate a divorce, and Ms. Feigen is conversant with all of them, having practiced family law in New York when it was a “fault” state and then became “no fault”. California Community Property laws are comprehensive but often complex due to the need to divide the couple’s jointly owned assets equally. New York's equitable division of property is similarly challenging. Fortunately, Ms. Feigen was a math major in college so the sometimes hefty arithmetic needed to figure out the best solution comes easily to her. She is equally at ease in helping her clients arrive at the proper maintenance and alimony payment amounts.

In many instances, it is necessary for the client’s information to be corroborated or enhanced -- particularly financial information which one spouse may have tried to hide from the other as separation or divorce is contemplated. Ms. Feigen relies on the services of a highly regarded private investigation firm with which she has worked for years, (click here). This firm not only renders the kind of services we all expect of good private investigators but goes the extra mile to locate assets and verify financial information which a spouse may have put in a business name unknown to the other spouse or which he or she otherwise may have attempted to conceal. In some cases, when necessary, we also retain the services of a forensic accountant to examine financial statements to help establish that money has been taken from accounts or that income has been concealed..

Often, as we all know, the parties simply cannot or will not agree. In these instances, Ms. Feigen eagerly goes to trial, fighting as hard as any attorney can for what her client wants, backed up by the facts provided by her investigators.